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Main Rules

Geryon is a cluster computational infrastructure intended to support in computational activities associated with Chilean astronomy community. For the moment usage is free for astronomy research, however researchers from other fields may ask for paid access. Resources are limited and computational demand is high, for this reason it is very important that users consider the following rules:

General rules

  • No graphical interfaces are allowed
  • The front-end can be used to lightweight CPU load processes such as code edit, file transfers, submit jobs, compile.
  • It is not allowed to work directly on a node or bypass the queue system


  • You can submit jobs up tu 120 cores and a maximim Walltime less than 7 days. Any larger job requires to submit a special allocation request sending a ticket https://www3.astro.puc.cl/geryon/index.php/ticket-system/
  • Sequential jobs (1 core) are allowed, however only 120 jobs are allowed at a given time with no job-array or other unfair technique which grab the queue indefinitely
  • It is very important for the core count, you consider the number of threads which may be involved. i.e. some python libraries may run several threads.
  • Running jobs with larger number of cores or with no walltime will be deleted immediately and possible user ban may apply.


  • In your HOME directory there is a limit of 100Gb which will is intended for code and critical data storage(periodic automatic backups)
  • In standard disk drives from /data3 to /data7 you can create a directory with your username and there is no space limit, however consider preodic cleaning since disk utilization is above 90% currently.
  • Fast SAS drives for performance intensive disk opertions (/fast_scratch1 to 3) are intended for temporary use and limited to 2Tb(or may be more by request)

Running Costs

The cluster uses a considerable amount of power and human resources, these costs are currently covered by some fundings, however it may not be the case in the future, in that case, users will receive information and policy changes in advance.

Researchers from other fields, may request for paid access to the cluster, sending an inquire to geryon.support@astro.puc.cl